Focused Free Write

Today after school Zaria and I will be going home with my brother, and then going out to get something to eat for lunch. Im really excited for today because this is the first half day that we have had in a while, and Im happy to be out of school early. I think that today should be fun because I have a ton of events planned for today that will be a lot of fun to do. After we go out to get lunch, Zaria and I will be running around my neighborhood with some friends for a while, and then we will be going back to my house and probably getting ready to go shopping a little. After we go shopping we will go to Rita’s and then hang out for a while until we have to go to sleep. I love half days, and I can’t wait to get started on my half day! 


Focused Free Write

Over the weekend I was sick, and I haven’t gotten that much better since Friday. I think that some of the reason that I’m sick is my allergies, but another part is breathing and having a fever. Friday when we checked, my temperature was over 100 degrees. Usually if its even close to 100 degrees, you can go to the doctors and it serious, but mine was over 100 degrees. When I was sick Friday, I couldn’t even move from the couch. When I could try to stand up, I could just fall over because I was so light headed. I’m still a little light headed today, but I’m feeling much better than I was Friday. Im glad to be back to school today, but having a day off was nice. 

Hot topics

School: IPads, if they should go or if they should stay

Local: school budgets, york high school cutting programs due to shortage of money

Statewide: budgets, what we can spend and what we cant spend

Nationwide: terrorism, we have had people do things that are causing lots of damage, and the US needs to find a way to stop it

Wordwide: Global Warming, the Earth is getting warmer and all of the ice is melting

SI Update

Dogs rescued in animal cruelty case

Summary: The article that I just read had a lady that had 33 animals all together. She had been running a puppy mill from her home for a while now. Some of the dogs had died, and others were seriously injured or sick. The dog had not been groomed in years, and their fur was so thick, one dog was stuck in another dogs fur. 

Reflection: I think that what the lady did was terrible, and she deserves some serious punishments for this. She took many lives of little dogs, and she kept the dogs in unsafe conditions. The lady had kept too many dogs in a small area, and she is completely wrong to do so. I think that the team that got the dogs out of the ladys hands were really brave, and they did a good job. If we had more people doing a job like that, then there would be more dogs saved, and no dogs would die just because of an owner making a dumb choice and not being responsible. I think that the lady needs to be punished, and the team that saved the dogs need to be given an award for the great work they did. 


Summary: the article was about how competition in life does affect humans. There are many different ways that competition can affect us and change us as people, but some ways are better than others. 

Reflection: I think that Becca is right in all of the ways that she says competition is good. I agree with everything she had to say, and I really agree with her when she said that competition will make some kids want to work harder to earn a better grade. I know that is true with me, and I’m sure it is true for many others. I didn’t really disagree with Becca because I feel like competition can always be a good thing. 

Try it Thursday

Yesterday i tried the new black water. The water is actually black, but it doesn’t stain your teeth or anything. I think that the water tasted just the same, and it was refreshing. Overall I think that the product is a good choice to be made. Lots of people are trying it, and they all have said that they like it. However, I do see some negatives about the black water. The water has a different texture than normal water, and it makes it feel really weird in your mouth. Also, I haven’t tried this but I heard that if you spill the water it cleans up for the most part, but some black is left behind. Other than those two things, I really liked the water, and it was very refreshing. 

It was a dark and stormy night

It was a dark and stormy night, and I was in the Outer Banks at my beach house. The ocean waves were crashing so hard on the beach and the rain seemed to fill up the streets. Nobody could go anywhere to do anything, so we just stayed inside and played games and watched movies all night. I went upstairs to get a drink from the fridge, and my cousins decided to scare me. I came down the steps, and got so scared when they jumped out at me, and I ran out the door into the rain. Within a few seconds, I was drenched, what a fun night!