1. I feel like people make fun of gay people because they don’t like the same sex as most people.

2. I wonder why the gays are mainly picked on?

3. People don’t realize that being gay is just a different perspective on life and they are the same as anyone else.

4. Bullying not only hurts feelings, but it can make people hurt themselves physically.

5. I think adults don’t try to help stop it because they don’t want to get in the middle of the fights and trouble with the kids.

6. I think that some people just sit back and watch because they don’t want to be the one being picked on.

7. I wouldn’t be able to stand back and watch the bullies hit people.

8. I wonder if the bullies felt bad at all for the things that they have done to Jamie?

9. I wonder how Jamie made it through the three days that he had ran away for?

10. I wonder how scared Jamie’s parents were?

11. How could the bus driver and teachers see and listen to all of the bullying and not say a thing to the bullies?

12. How could Jamie’s mom let him run away again?

13. Where would Jamie stay overnight in the city?


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