Focused Free Write 3/28

This weekend is the first weekend that I haven’t had soccer. The past four weekends I have been away in other states playing soccer. The first tournament was in Virginia, the second one was in Maryland, the third one was in New Jersey, and the one last weekend was in Virginia. I love going away to soccer tournaments, but four weeks in a row is enough for me. My legs hurt so bad, so this weekend will be my first weekend that I actually get some rest. I also haven’t been able to do many things with friends the last couple weekends, so Im excited to have a sleepover this weekend and see all of my friends again. I hope that my weekend goes good, and I also can’t wait to see my family on Sunday for Easter. 


Focused Free Write 3/22

Today is the first lacrosse game for the high school boys team. This year I am the manager, so tonight I have to go along to the game with the guys and help them on the sideline. I will have to get water and other things like ice for any player when they come off the field. I think that it should be fun, and the fact that I will be with Zaria makes it even better. Zaria and I get to cheer on and elp the guys at the game, while soending time with each other. Once the game is over, we will get back on the bus and head home. I think that the trip back to the high school will be the most fun because we will all be able to eat and talk. On the way to the game, there is no talking on the bus. I don’t know why we can’t talk, but that is just the coaches rule. I can’t wait to be at the game, and I hope that all the guys have a good game and play their best. 

Try it Thursday 3/21

This week I ate at Cheddars for the first time. My meal was really good, but my mom said she didn’t like hers that much. I got a cesar salad, and my mom got a bacon burger. I think that the chicken on my salad was really good and perfectly grilled. I like my chicken grilled a tiny bit, and not that black. Others might disagree because they might like their food grilled a different way, but in my opinion it was perfect. They also put a good amount of cheese on top. Some people might not like a lot of cheese, but I do. If I could eat at Cheddars again sometime, I would go back and get the same meal. 

Focused Free Write 3/15

This weekend I have another soccer tournament. I am so excited to be playing with my team for another weekend this month. My team has been to may different tournaments, but the one this weekend will be the hardest. We are going to be in Virginia to play this weekend. Our games are really early in the morning, but I will still think its worth getting up and going to play the best sport in the world. I think that my team has a chance of winning htis tournament if we all play our best. Last year my team came in 3rd place, but this year we have a good chance of winning. I can’t wait to play with my team, I just hope that my face doesn’t get burnt like last weekend!

Try it Thursday

This week I tried to play lacrosse for the first time. I was okay at it, but I can’t pass the ball that well. The sport was actually kind of confusing. The players can go behind the net, which didn’t make much sense to me. Im used to playing soccer, and behind the goal is out of bounds. However, going behind the goal was fun. You could try to go to either side, and it gives you more room to work with behind the goal. Overall, I think that lacrosse is fun and different, but I know for sure that its not the sport for me. I should probably stick to soccer. 

Animal torture, abuse called a ‘regular practice’ within federal wildlife agency

The article talked about how abuse happens everyday in the United States, and even around the world. There are governments in other countries that have animals tied up and trapped in areas that they don’t belong. The article said that the abuse needs to stop because soon the animals will die out. I think that the article had a good point. Animal abuse is all over, not just in the United States. The abuse needs to stop and fast. I don’t think that those animals deserve to be treated like that, and the humans need to be punished for what they have done.