Focused Free Right 3-1-13

This weekend will be a girl weekend! All of my friends and I go out for a fun weekend and get a break from York! I usually go with my mom, my sister, and a another family with four girls. We all go shopping at Towson Mall on saturday, and then we go out to lunch and dinner. Before lunch we shop, and then after lunch we go to get our nails done. Then if we have extra time we look around and explore for a little. Then after dinner we usually do a little more shopping or do a fun activity that is in the area. Once we are all done with that, we head home. All of the sisters from the other family, and my sister, usually all stay at my house, or the other families house. In the morning we get up and make waffles with any toppings that we would like. Once the breakfast is done, all the girls go home so that we have time with our family, and enough time to do school work. I can’t wait for the girls weekend!


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