Social Issues 3/11

A big issue in society today with most teens is eating. Kids think they are fat and overweight, so they start to diet so that they can lose weight. This dieting eventually leads to eating disorders. The kids will get older and not want to eat anything because they are afraid that they will gain weight. In the article I read, there was a study on teens that diet. It was proven that most teens think they are fat from what they learn in school. They think that because they weigh more than others, they are fat. More kids have started dieting, and those kids have grown up to not eat much. The kids won’t eat because they think that if they eat they will become overweight and fat. I think that there is a problem in how the information about being healthy is taught to the kids. They think that each kid at a certain age should be a certain weight to be healthy. I honestly think that if you are happy with yourself and you eat right, there is no reason to be on a diet or think you’re fat. Clearly our society is getting bigger, but that doesn’t mean that teens have to be cutting down on food. The kids should be able to eat what they want, and not feel bad about it.¬†


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