Social Issues 3/11

A big issue in society today with most teens is eating. Kids think they are fat and overweight, so they start to diet so that they can lose weight. This dieting eventually leads to eating disorders. The kids will get older and not want to eat anything because they are afraid that they will gain weight. In the article I read, there was a study on teens that diet. It was proven that most teens think they are fat from what they learn in school. They think that because they weigh more than others, they are fat. More kids have started dieting, and those kids have grown up to not eat much. The kids won’t eat because they think that if they eat they will become overweight and fat. I think that there is a problem in how the information about being healthy is taught to the kids. They think that each kid at a certain age should be a certain weight to be healthy. I honestly think that if you are happy with yourself and you eat right, there is no reason to be on a diet or think you’re fat. Clearly our society is getting bigger, but that doesn’t mean that teens have to be cutting down on food. The kids should be able to eat what they want, and not feel bad about it. 


Free Write

This afternoon, my sister is having her birthday party. Her birthday was March 3rd, but we are just now having her party. Today the girls will all be at our house until 5, and then we will take all of the girls bowling. My sister has invited about 15 girls, so we will have other parents that will help take some of the girls to bowling. My sister has decided that she doesn’t want any presents from her friends, so everyone will bring a toy or food for the animals at the SPCA, instead of a present for Emma. After the party is over, all of the girls will be sleeping at my house for the night. I’m going to have to help my mom take care of the girls and make sure that they are all behaving. I would rather spend my friday doing something else, but I will get paid for helping my mom with all of the girls, so that makes up for it!

Try it Thursday

The movie Pitch Perfect can be seen as a really funny, good clip that can make you laugh, but it can also be seen as something that people would take offense to. There are a lot of funny parts in the video that would make people laugh, and thats why some poeple love the movie and think that it is a great clip to see. However, there are some parts in the video where they make fun of fat people, and some may be offended by that. Overall, I think that the movie was really good and it was funny, but I would completely understand if another person took offense to it. 

Focused Free Right 3-1-13

This weekend will be a girl weekend! All of my friends and I go out for a fun weekend and get a break from York! I usually go with my mom, my sister, and a another family with four girls. We all go shopping at Towson Mall on saturday, and then we go out to lunch and dinner. Before lunch we shop, and then after lunch we go to get our nails done. Then if we have extra time we look around and explore for a little. Then after dinner we usually do a little more shopping or do a fun activity that is in the area. Once we are all done with that, we head home. All of the sisters from the other family, and my sister, usually all stay at my house, or the other families house. In the morning we get up and make waffles with any toppings that we would like. Once the breakfast is done, all the girls go home so that we have time with our family, and enough time to do school work. I can’t wait for the girls weekend!