Summary: the article was about how competition in life does affect humans. There are many different ways that competition can affect us and change us as people, but some ways are better than others. 

Reflection: I think that Becca is right in all of the ways that she says competition is good. I agree with everything she had to say, and I really agree with her when she said that competition will make some kids want to work harder to earn a better grade. I know that is true with me, and I’m sure it is true for many others. I didn’t really disagree with Becca because I feel like competition can always be a good thing. 

Try it Thursday

Yesterday i tried the new black water. The water is actually black, but it doesn’t stain your teeth or anything. I think that the water tasted just the same, and it was refreshing. Overall I think that the product is a good choice to be made. Lots of people are trying it, and they all have said that they like it. However, I do see some negatives about the black water. The water has a different texture than normal water, and it makes it feel really weird in your mouth. Also, I haven’t tried this but I heard that if you spill the water it cleans up for the most part, but some black is left behind. Other than those two things, I really liked the water, and it was very refreshing. 

It was a dark and stormy night

It was a dark and stormy night, and I was in the Outer Banks at my beach house. The ocean waves were crashing so hard on the beach and the rain seemed to fill up the streets. Nobody could go anywhere to do anything, so we just stayed inside and played games and watched movies all night. I went upstairs to get a drink from the fridge, and my cousins decided to scare me. I came down the steps, and got so scared when they jumped out at me, and I ran out the door into the rain. Within a few seconds, I was drenched, what a fun night!

Good times

One of the happiest times I’ve ever had was when my little sister was born. I had always wanted a little sister and I finally had one. The first time I saw her it was late at night, and I got to hold her for the first time. Weeks earlier I had picked out an outfit for her, and when my sister came back from the doctors she was dressed in that outfit that I got for her. My mom and dad had chose the outfit I got her just to make me happy. Her middle name is May, which is my birthday month and was also named after my birthday month since I didn’t get to have a say in her first name. 

This One Day

This one day I went to the beach in the Outer Banks. When I walked to the beach, there was jelly fish everywhere and there was no sand in sight. In fear of the jelly fishwent turned around to go back hoto tab my beach house, and a huge jelly fish was behind me, slowly moving towards me. I was completely stuck And I had nowhere to go. Out of nowhere, Zaria dropped a rope out of a helicopter and saved meBowery most definitely best friends, and she did save my life. Then we flew to the mall and went shopping. 

Giraffe Hero

One time, I reached out to a kid who used to go to our school. Everyone was mean to him and nobody wanted to be near him, or be his friend. I felt really bad for him, so I started to say hi to him, and be his friend. I was his only friend in the school, and other kids actually started to be nice to him once I started to talk to him. I just think that I did the right thing and reached out to him, and set a good example for others.

Free Write 4/12

This weekend, I have a big sleepover with all of my friends. Saturday i will be with Zaria all day, and then around 5 we are going to our friend Ashley’s house. At her house, we will all hang out and dance and have a big party. Once it gets later in the night, we will all play fun games and just mess around like girls do. Usually we all paint nails and watch movies together. Sometimes before it gets dark out, we run around the neighborhood and see different people. I really hope that it is just as fun this year. I cant wait to be with all of my friends for a good night with them! Hopefully Ashley likes the presents that I got and made for her!