SI Update

Dogs rescued in animal cruelty case

Summary: The article that I just read had a lady that had 33 animals all together. She had been running a puppy mill from her home for a while now. Some of the dogs had died, and others were seriously injured or sick. The dog had not been groomed in years, and their fur was so thick, one dog was stuck in another dogs fur. 

Reflection: I think that what the lady did was terrible, and she deserves some serious punishments for this. She took many lives of little dogs, and she kept the dogs in unsafe conditions. The lady had kept too many dogs in a small area, and she is completely wrong to do so. I think that the team that got the dogs out of the ladys hands were really brave, and they did a good job. If we had more people doing a job like that, then there would be more dogs saved, and no dogs would die just because of an owner making a dumb choice and not being responsible. I think that the lady needs to be punished, and the team that saved the dogs need to be given an award for the great work they did. 


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